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EBRcart-Pro is a radio automation software to instantly playback audio and video files.


Put your station on the air using a software easy to operate and maintain.


It has three operations mode:

- MANUAL: you play the audio when you wish;


You make the programming and save it in specific dates. You can make the programming for a week, a month or more.

So, you play these programming automatically and have the option to play it infinitely.

Changes can be made in the programming to update the musicals or commercials events.


With this option you don't need choice musics one by one, just choice one directory and play it randomically.

It is possible insert comercial events automatically in regular intervals.


News Features:

- Same EBRcart2 features and much more!

- Until 4 channels: 1, 2, cue and jingle using one or more audio cards.

- Shuffle mode: automatic selection of music. Infinite play without repetition. Commercials add automaticly.

- Log register with option to Excell export;

- Exclusive window for jingle;

- Several operate modes: load and play immediately, load and pause, load next channel;

- Fadeout and Cross times configurable;

- Tag editor;

- Call for your audio editor. Just select a file and open it to edition.

- Write files to RDS and XML for radio web;

- Button for test your audio files avoiding surprise during infinite playing;

- Configurations protected by password;

- Windows auto resize, adjusting to any resolution above 800 x 600.


Radio Web, Radio automation, tv, live sound, theatre, schools, musical groups, concerts, djs and replacing minidisc.






Log window:

Jingle window:




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