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Make easy: radio automation, play news, play jingles, radio production.

EBRcart2 - Brasil
EBRcart2 - Radio Mankato, Minnesota - EUA
EBR_rec16 - audio logger - axia livewire compatible


Multimedia Player (audio, videos and photos)

Great for radio automation, tv, live sound, theatre, schools, musical groups, concerts.

- Instant play of audio/video files;

- Display clip and photos on dedicated video out;

- AGC - automatically adjust audio level;

- 120 buttons colored by user;

- Fast file explorer!

- File search ignore accents;

- Filelist on the same screen; Drag and drop from explorer;

- Two kinds of Digital clock;

- Playback precise time, manual or automatic; << new

- Shortcuts to your main folders;

- Spin Reports;

- Multi-language (english, portuguese, german, spanish, hebrew) and any language you wish use.

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Windows 7

Version 5.16 - January, 19, 2023


Radio Automation

Great for radio automation, radio on web, djs, partys

- All functions of EBRcart2 and much more;

- Ininterrupt Shuffle mode; Playlist mode;

- Window for jingles;

- Crossfade automatic;

- RDS and XML;

- 4 output channels;

- Multi-language (english, portuguese, german, spanish, hebrew) and any language you wish use.

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Windows 7

Version 7.0.6 - January, 3, 2023


Audio logger - 16 channels

Great for recording meetings, congresses, assemblies, radio stations, etc.

- Audio recording in mono or stereo with several qualities to choose from;
- Recordings every 1 minute, which can be easily located and joined to generate a single file;
- Uses any audio card for PC with Windows;
- Compatible with the Axia Livewire system, being able to program and access any channel of this system quickly and easily;
- Automatic gain control can be enabled so that levels are kept within a range without distorting recordings;
- Local recordings can be automatically copied to a server for permanent storage;
- Recordings can be accessed and edited from any computer connected to the network;

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Version 1.0.1 - 12/07/2021


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